Andy Christ holds a B.S. in Education and an M.S. in Chemistry, both from Bowling Green State University. He has worked variously as a lifeguard and swim instructor; short-order cook; science and math teacher; sales clerk;  caddy; telemarketer; day laborer; yoga instructor; resident assistant; custodian and lab technician. In June 2005, he joined forces with other members of Saginaw's poetry group, the River Junction Poets, to start Poets Birthday Readings, which are held at the Saginaw Barnes & Noble bookstore on Tittabawassee Road. He has served the River Junction Poets as president.  Andy has also produced several poetry-themed videos. Among them, the award-winning "Where Do the Roots Go?" features Saginaw residents in an introduction to the poetry and life of Theodore Roethke, the only poet from Michigan to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Photo of Andrew Christ with Robert Pinsky, by Wilma Romatz