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Contribution Guidelines : Getting Started

Thank you for contributing to, a unique site covering the past, present, and future faces, places, and events of the Saginaw Area community. We encourage you to participate in our grassroot efforts to bring recognition to the hidden treasures within our midst, and to those building blocks that serve as the foundation to the place we call 'home'.

We have assembled these guidelines to help maintain effective communication and stylistic uniformity throughout the site. We're also hoping that you can use the information in this section to enrich your writing, and to ensure that is as much a good fit for you, as you are a good fit for

These submission guidelines are meant to be taken as advice, and not as hard-and-fast rules. If you have any feedback on any of these guidelines, please let the editors know.

This is a working document. While the overall body of writing at maintains some stylistic coherence, it's important that every writer continue to cultivate his or her own individual approach to writing, Above all, we'd like everyone to maintain a degree of professionalism. Approach your subjects with respect: always keep an open mind and a critical eye.

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