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The Tri Cities' newest art gallery, Magpie Gallery (4882 Gratiot Rd., Ste. #14, Saginaw), will celebrate its grand opening on August 4th with a reception by invitation and on August 5th open its doors to the general public. Artists whose work is represented in the gallery will be on hand Thursday and at another, public reception on Thursday, August 11. Regular gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday noon to 6; Sunday noon to 5.  Hours will be be subject to change as time passes.

Longtime art lover and gallery owner Jackie Gascho bubbled over with enthusiasm as she described her dream in progress. "I love art first of all. I find that every time my husband and I go somewhere, I have to seek out art. I'd been thinking about opening a gallery for some years. After a trip to Traverse City, I thought about renting a place in TC. Then I found this place and snapped up the opportunity."

Although new to the business world, she is riding the learning curve. "I'm growing into the job, and I love it," she said. Gascho plans to represent the work of Michigan artists, most of them from outside the local confines. The gallery will feature a particular artist's works each month as well as display the works of others over longer time periods. 

When asked about the gallery's name, Gascho recalled a time when she was shopping in a mall with her teenage children.  After she went to look at yet another item in a shop window, her exasperated son said, "You're like a magpie, Mom. You always like the bright and shiny. "  Magpie became a term of endearment and now the gallery name.

While magpies are known for collecting the bright and shiny, Magpie Gallery is the nest for work spanning the range of emotions and styles. "I would like to get as many artists involved as possible," Gascho said. And, she will be promoting some student work, as well as offering classes and a framing service. 

"I needed an outlet and a way to contribute to the community," Gascho said. "I wasn't using my talents, and this is the most perfect fit. I don't feel like I'm working. I'm three months in, and I jump out of bed each morning." 

Regarding that morning takeoff,  she might better have said, "Fly."

© Jeanne Lesinski, 2011