Article by Chris Palmer

White's Bar, Taken Under Productions, Sugar Buzz Bakery, and Drunken Monkey Tattoo are bringing on the 2011 Crispy Music Fest on Friday, August 19th and Saturday, August 20th at White's Bar. White's Bar is located at 2609 State Street in Saginaw, MI 48602.

The parking lot of White's Bar will transformed into a music venue for the weekend, headlined by The Meatmen on Friday night. The Meatmen are an American punk band headed by Tesco Vee. The Meatmen were on the punk scene from 1980 to 1997, when the group disbanded. Since reforming in 2008, the group has been actively touring and recording.

The Meatmen made fun of the hardcore punk scene of the time. The band was known for its stage antics, and for songs with colorful song titles such as "Tooling for Anus", "3 Down, 1 To Go" (a reference to the murder of former Beatles member John Lennon), and the Suck Trilogy of "Crippled Children Suck," "French People Suck," and "Camel Jockeys Suck." They also covered "What's This S*** Called Love?" by The Pagans, as well as The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" for the compilation The World Still Won't Listen: A Tribute to The Smiths.

Along with the Meatmen on Friday, Easy Action, and local bands The Tosspints and the Mongrels will take to the outdoor stage. Playing inside White's Bar will be The Stick Arounds, Dynaflo, and Chapstik.

Also playing on Saturday will be local favorites Tension Head, Neighborhood Muscle, Sinister Footwear, The Banana Convention, as well as Detroit’s own The Ruiners, plus many more acts.

Along with great music, Drunken Monkey Tattoo, which has hosted Altered Skin Revolution for 10 years, will again host a tattoo contest.

Admission to the show is $10.00 for the weekend. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations: In Saginaw: The Red Coffee House, Drunken Monkey Tattoo, Old Town Tattoo, and at White's Bar. In Bay City: Intermission Deli and at The Vault, or in Midland at Mid Michigan Music. You can also purchase tickets online at

For more information, visit  Cripsy Music Fest.