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Photos and recipe by Scott Drake 

Scott Drake caught this beauty, above, his second of the year 20-inch brown trout, on a hand-tied Hex dry fly while wading the South Branch of the Au Sable River. Trout fishing holds a magic all of its own, and when skillfully prepared, this king of fish is a true delight.

The recipe: Grilled Trout with Spicy Indian Tomato Sauce

The fish: Wash fish and pat dry with paper towel; score each side (four times on each side) with a sharp knife and stuff both the slits as well as the belly with fresh dill; brush the fish with “gee”, i.e., an Indian clarified butter (or oil); then, while making the sauce, either grill or broil the fish.

The sauce: Sauté green onions, garlic, ginger, and mustard seeds (again, in Indian “gee” or oil); then add tomato paste, cayenne pepper, and chicken broth.

Plate the fish with more fresh dill; then slather the fish with Spicy Indian Tomato Sauce. Enjoy.

Scott Drake has been learning the quirks of Michigan’s trout streams and fly-fishing for wild trout since childhood. Even though he is a devoted practitioner of catch-and-release, on occasion he harvests a trout for the table. Scott fancies himself skilled in the kitchen, and he and his wife enjoy exotic culinary adventures.

© Scott Drake, 2011