Congratulations to all of the high school writers who participated in the 2011 Write in the Street contest. Writing requires thought and work; then it demands courage to send this creative expression out into the world. Bravo!

This year's top winners, listed below, will see their work published at 360 Main Street over the course of the summer. In addition, the prizes are as follows: First Place, $50; Second Place, $25; Third Place, $15; and Honorable Mention, $10. 

Write on!


First Place:   "Love Buried in the Sands of Time" by Thomas Dunn II

Second Place:  "Relapse" by Lauren Ingram

Third Place:  "An Ode to Insomnia" by Carly Veverka

Honorable Mention:  "Free" by La'Toria Mincy


First Place: "Beyond Average" by Lauren Ingram

Second Place: "Traveling Circus" by Gaia Klotz

Third Place:  "Face the Music" by Ashley Jayne Carol Servis

Honorable Mention:  "Society Has Us Handcuffed, But We've Got the Keys" by Sevonna Maria Brown


First Place: "To Dine with Lions" by Thomas Dunn II

Second Place: "Dragged to Shore" by Gaia Klotz

Third Place:  "Easy, Like Sunday Mornings" by Lauren Ingram

Honorable Mention:  "Happiness Comes in Small Packages" by Marisa Lopez