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Christian rock band Third Day makes its second stop to Michigan on its 40-city Make Your Move Tour. The band sold out in Grand Rapids back in March and is scheduled to play at the Dow Event Center this Saturday.

Third Day is comprised of five members: vocalist Mac Powell, acoustic guitarist Mark Lee, bassist Tai Anderson and drummer David Carr, lead guitarist Brad Avery. Joining Third Day on tour from March to May is Tenth Avenue North, and artist Trevor Morgan is joining the band in all cities.

With only ten shows left to go, Third Day is coming to the end of the current tour they kicked off in mid-February in Mercedes, Texas. After Saginaw, their next stop will be Chattanooga's Memorial Auditorium for a show on May 12. So far on the Make Your Move Tour, Third Day has sold out 13 shows, including 2 night in a row in Indianapolis.

Third Day, founded in Marietta, Georgia, is going back to their roots with the classic American sound of Southern Rock that won the band grassroots fan appeal in the mid-to-late 90s. The band likens its sound to that of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and they also list U2 and Rich Mullins as major influences.

“Our career is like a dream I didn't even know I had,” drummer David Carr tells fans on the bands website. “It's gone beyond anything I could have dreamed of.”

Third Day has won major music industry awards. With 27 number one singles and more than 7 million albums sold, Third Day stands out for their achievements in the Christian Rock scene. In addition, the band has been recognized with 24 GMA Dove Awards, 4 Grammy Awards, and an American Music Award. The band was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 2009.

“We've been given this platform and we feel like God wants us to use that,” says Anderson. “It's really about putting our faith into action and that idea of motion.”

When not rocking out on stage during Winter Jam Tour in early 2010, they were writing songs for Move, the band's latest album released that debuted on October 19, 2010. Move came two years after the release of the critically acclaimed Revelation (2008). Third Day enthusiasts say Move is the band's best work since its self-titled debut album (1996) and Time (1999).

“[W]e started leaning toward it being a little more American rock, a little more of the Atlanta sound coming out and that was kind of the starting point,” said Anderson. Recorded at the band's new studio in Georgia, Move embodies the southern sounds of its origin.

Move brings back a few classics form Third Day's repertoire, but listeners are quickly embracing the new material on this release, including “Children of God” and “Trust in Jesus.” The album's lead track, “Lift Up Your Face,” is also becoming a fan favorite. The song inspires courage and faith in times of insecurity and confusion.

“Every night there are fans who tell us 'This song saved our marriage,' or 'This song got me out of this addiction.' It's easy to think 'How can a song do that? It's amazing, the power of music and the power of the Gospel in music, which is what Third Day has always tried to bring,” says Carr. “Sometimes we do that in a very serious way, like 'Cry Out to Jesus' and 'Tunnel,' and sometimes in a fun way. We have a lot of songs just about life. We don't want every song to be an epic, drive-this-point-home kind of song, but they all don't have to be that to mean something to someone.”

Move is about faith in action and testifying to the reason for that action. Listeners can expect bold declarations of faith and, occasionally, critical and reflective questions posed in the lyrics. Third Day not only focuses on the faith experiences of believers in the church community; they explore the struggles and uncertainties of those outside the church looking in. The band's message in their music is one of hope, finding direction, and, most importantly, the Gospel message.

“The main theme overall of Third Day has been this message of living an abundant life that God offers us, but I think even more than that is hope,” says Powell. “There are so many songs about hope, about hanging in there and not giving up and knowing that there's a God in heaven that loves you and wants to hold you.”

While on tour, Third Day continues a five-year tradition of raising charitable funds for selected initiatives all over the globe. Third Day designates $1 per ticket wherever possible to generate money for its Come Together Fund, which includes the Come Together Compound, a Gateway School Project in Rajahmundry, India.

Third Day brings their Make Your Move Tour to the Dow Event Center stage on Saturday, May 07, 2011, at 06:00 p.m.

All regular tickets for the Make Your Move Tour will start at just $25! We will also offer a VIP package which will include: Gold Circle Seats, exclusive VIP tour Poster, MOVE CD, and a Q&A with the band!

Tickets are $30.00, and VIP Ticket are available for $77.00. These tickets include seating in first 4 rows of theater, Third Day Album "Move", Souvenir Tour Poster, Q&A with the bands. A group Rate for fans 15+ is $25.00 (VIP not included).

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