Photo by Julie Jordan Scott
Four visiting poets will entertain listeners on Friday, March 25th, from 7-9 at Woody O'Brien's in Old Town Saginaw. 

Robert Dewhurst edits Satellite Telephone, and co-edits Wild Orchids. His recent poems and criticism have appeared in Peaches and Bats, ON Contemporary Practice, the Poetry Project Newsletter, and Animal Shelter (forthcoming). He lives in Buffalo, NY, where he attends the Poetics Program at SUNY-Buffalo.

David Hadbawnik is a poet and performer currently living with his wife in Buffalo, NY. Recent publications include the booksTranslations From Creeley (Sardines, 2008), Ovid in Exile (Interbirth, 2007), and SF Spleen (Skanky Possum, 2006); essays inJacket and Chicago Review; and poems in Damn the Caesars, Little Red Leaves, and Exquisite Corpse. He is the editor and publisher of Habenicht Press and the journal kadar koli. He began studying towards his PhD in poetics at SUNY Buffalo in fall 2008, where he directs the Buffalo Poets Theater.

John Hyland recently relocated to Buffalo from the Boston-area to do a PhD in English at the University. He has completed graduate degrees at Brandeis University and the University of Maine–Orono. Work has appeared in Tarpaulin Sky and The Modern Review, as well as in numerous places online such as H_NGM_N.

Currently a PhD student in Buffalo’s Poetics Program, Holly Melgard is the incoming co-editor of P-Queue (based at the intersection of prose, line, and verse), ongoing editor of Con-Verse (constraint-based trans-crip/lat-ion series), former editor of Slightly West (Evergreen-based multi-media journal), and forthcoming author of the poetry chapbook Narcsolicitation (TROLL THREAD). Sections of her manuscript Echochambermusic have been published or are forthcoming in Boog City, Scrap Paper, PRESS, Wheelhouse Magazine, TROLL THREAD, M-Scape, Wikipedia, and Craigslist.