Photo by R. Colman
Reflection by Hillary Markey

I believe in embracing the dandelions that grow in my yard. It is important to embrace the natural beauty of life and love it simply for what it is. Dandelions are not weeds; they are beautiful spiky, yellow disks of happiness gleaming with hope in a monogamous sea of conformed green stalks.

Those happy little flowers sprout up year after year, full of joy and determination to be the bold, beautiful flowers that they must know they are. Despite the relentless battle we wage upon them year after year with chemical pesticides and invasive life around them, they still continue to persevere. They don’t put on a mask of greenery to look like all the others around them. Dandelions stand proud and tall as if to tell the weary gardener, “Ha, I am here to stay.”

These joyous, little, yellow flowers are far more useful than their chemically enhanced, grassy neighbors. Their green leaves make a nutritious salad for the body, and their yellow flowers make a delicate wine to satisfy the soul. And what child hasn’t sat in their yard masterfully crafting dandelion chains to wear upon their head. I know that I did every summer and often wonder why I don’t anymore. Dandelions remind me of the simple joys in childhood, the joys that haven’t yet been tampered with by the standards of society.

Dandelions remind me that it is important to be like those courageous little yellow flowers that grow where they are not wanted, illuminated like a beacon of hope. They are my beacon of hope, reminding me that I am beautiful, unique, and just as important as the neighboring grasses. They also remind me to be true to myself and stand up in the face of adversity. To be who I am, despite the easiness of doing just the opposite. Dandelions remind me that I am perfect, just the way that I am and that I don’t need to conform or mask myself in any way. Dandelions remind me to love me, for me, and not to let our over-perfecting society turn me into their molded blades of perfectly cut grass. They remind me to tell society, “I am here to stay and I won’t be changing anytime soon.”

Dandelions remind me to embrace who I truly am and to help others realize who they truly are, and to repel the mask that is forced onto us by societal norm. When I see those little yellow flowers in the sea of green, I can’t help but grin from ear to ear. Like dandelions, we are most useful when we are in our natural, unmasked states because it is the way we were created and meant to be. Someday, I hope that my yard and the world will be full of uniquely beautiful little dandelions. That is why I believe in embracing the dandelions that grow in my lawn.

Voice Link from Jing: http://screencast.com/t/NzdhYTRk

© Hillary Markey, 2011