By Matthew Heller

Dreams are what make us get up out of bed everyday and strive to make them a reality. This year Phe McWright’s birthday and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day fell on the same square of the calendar. MLK’s dream was to live in a world where all people could join hands and work together towards a common goal of brotherhood and the pursuit of happiness. Saginaw native Phe McWright has a dream of his own: a Passport Dream to be the top rapper in the game.

Hosted by Mach Boogie and Shayla Love, Passport Dreams is the fifth full-length effort from McWright, who works at a breakneck speed frequently releasing “Phestyles” on social networks and rocking live shows anytime he gets the opportunity. Over the past year, Phe has gone from being a good artist to an exceptional craftsman and entertainer. Whether it be his live sets or his recorded material Phe is always getting better and proving the naysayers dead wrong.

His latest effort, Passport Dreams, is a soulful collage of lyricism, braggadocio, and humor. His style is one of a kind, but clearly influenced by MC’s like Kanye West, Rick Ross, and Curren$y. He has an "I don’t give a damn" attitude that is emulated by many, but executed by few. The skits sprinkled throughout the project are laugh out loud funny and rarely attempted by local hip-hop acts. Passport Dreams is a solid effort and has an appeal that is universal.

The mixtape is conceptual and opens with Phe boarding Phenomenal Airlines and the flight attendant humorously instructing passengers of the flight rules. Listeners are invited to board Phe’s trip to greatness. The project features singing from Saginaw native Rollow (Raw Talent) and collaborations with some of the top MC’s in the local rap game, such as Tay Ray, YungDre The H.O.P.E. (L.I.F.E. Music Entertainment), and DuB. Phe was careful to pick guests and a production that mesh well with his style and form a cohesive piece.

Phe has a dream to become the top rapper, and Passport Dreams shows the potential of a young man who could very well reach that goal. His growth is evident and the drive he possesses is uncanny. Look for Phe to keep rising to the top and, like Martin Luther King, Jr., see his dreams unfold into actuality.

You can download Passport Dreams on Phe’s blog 11/18/phe-mcwright-passport-dreams/  He also plans on rereleasing the project in mid-March with bonus tracks not included on the original.

© Matthew Heller, 2011