Regulars at the Red Eye Cafe (205 North Hamilton St., Saginaw) are accustomed to seeing the shop walls adorned with artwork by locals. This time, though, the proceeds from the sales are for a special purpose. The cafe is hosting a silent auction to benefitĀ  the Sean Stennett Memorial Fund. Stennett died in a shooting incident in Saginaw last week.

According to event organizer Cassie Brenske, local artists have donated over 50 artworks, and 4 guitars number among the items as well. All of these items will remain on display at the cafe until the bidding closes at 9pm on Saturday, Dec. 11.

Among others, contributors include Jason Graham, Scott Cramton, Peter Barry, Katie Stanton, Paolo Pedini, Studio 23, Mari Perry, Jason Armstrong, Tom Larson, Eric Schantz, JMX Photography, Marcia Henne, Matt Lewis, Jim Perkins, James Mullineaux, Scott Edwards, Erin Case, Elisa Spyker, Geoffrey Pelkey, Missy Alazaul, Erica Sage, Jen Habeger, Carol Hacket, Jimmy Hughes, Amanda Derocher, Andrew Forrest Searl, Kellie Schneider, A.J. Householder, Tisch Mikhail Lewis, Kevin Kucken, Jazz Kucken.

White's Bar is also collecting contributions. Or you may send mail to Sean Stennett Memorial Fund, c/o Red Eye Cafe, 205 North Hamilton St., Saginaw, MI 48602-4217.