Photograph: Courtesy of Studio 23/ The Arts Center

By mid-summer some children are whining "I'm bored, and parents are wondering how they'll keep their sanity until after Labor Day. Ann Gasta, director of Studio 23/ The Arts Center (901 N. Water St., Bay City) suggests: Why not consider a different kind of camp –  art camp? Throughout the year, Studio 23 offers classes for people of many ages in a variety of media, but during the summer months it specializes in art camps for children ages 7–11, as well as classes for children accompanied by an adult. During this summer's camps, themed Where Art Meets Science, instructor Angela Griebe will energize participants with a variety of projects: acrylic painting, handmade paper, printmaking, collage, origami, storytelling, and more. 

With twenty years of experience working with children as a preschool teacher in Montessori and Head Start programs, Griebe knows how to make creating art an approachable process for even the most reticent child. She teaches campers what to do with the materials and what the materials can–and cannot–do. "Kids will go from being afraid of the media they want to use to feeling comfortable and happy," Griebe says. She believes in allowing children to express themselves in an environment open for experimentation, where there is no "right or wrong." She also finds that the multi-age classroom is beneficial because the younger children and older children spark each others' creativity in ways that don't often happen in typical, age-segregated school classrooms.

There are six sessions, two daily: July 20-23, July 27-30, August 3-6. Morning sessions run 8:30 a.m –12:30 p.m., while afternoon sessions run 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Cost: $120. Some scholarships are available. For more information, call Linda at 989.894.2323.