Photo by Richard.

Across the Delta College Main Campus on Monday, January 17th a number of events will take place to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Beginning at 10am and ending 4pm, these include displays, performances (drama, film, music, poetry), and speeches. All events are free and open to the public. For a campus map, click here. For a building map, click here. 

Opening by Delta College President Jean Goodnow

10am in Founders Hall (outside of library) 

The Sojourner Truth Community Theater Group
    10:15am in Founders Hall - Act One: Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks
     11:15am in west student lounge - Act Two: The March on Washington
     12:15pm in west student lounge- Act Three: The Secret Meeting between Dr. King and Malcolm X
     1:15pm in Founders Hall - Act Four: Dr. King in Memphis

Founded in Feburary 2010 by Talata Dorsey, the Sojourner Truth Community Theatre is a Saginaw-based organization that states as its mission: "We strive to express our talents and reflect our cultural perspectives via dramatic presentations, prose, poetry, and various other forms of artistic expression. We are committed to doing works that reflect our history and culture, along with current issues, mainly pertaining to the African American Community."

In July of 2010, The Sojourner Truth Theatre presented and original musical production A Tear for You, written by (Talata Dorsey and directed by Artistic Director, B. Wendell Parker.) The play deals with issues of domestic violence, drug addiction, recovery and economic challenges of a working-class family.

The Sojo Theatre is currently working on developing its Youth Theatre, (for youth age 10-18) a program designed to deter youths from violence, empower them with leadership skills, teach them basic theatrical skills including basic sewing, and basic carpentry. Its Saturday, puppet theatre for children ages 3-9. A program designed to make entertainment informative and educational.

Open Mic Poetry, Readings and Remembrances
    10:45am in west student lounge
    12:45pm in Founders Hall
     2:00pm in west student lounge

Excerpts from the Eyes on the Prize Movie
    10:45am in east student lounge
    11:45am in east student lounge
    1:15pm in east student lounge
    2:00pm in east student lounge

Campus March

1:45pm starting in Founders Hall

NYCE Guys Jam Session

1:45pm in west student lounge

Musical by Prince Robertson and the NYCE Guys 

2pm in west student lounge

Motivational Talk by Brian Pruitt

3pm in Founders Hall

Brian Pruitt is a popular inspirational speaker and life coach from Saginaw Township. Although at Central Michigan University he was a First Team All-American running back expected to play in the NFL, a neck injury making him at risk for paralysis forced him to reassess his goals. After earning his communications degree and discovering that people "could accomplish just about anything if they had the right perspective, took the right approach, lived by the right principles and walked through the appropriate process," he turned his passion toward public speaking. Since founding his own company in the mid-1990s, he has addressed youth and adult audiences throughout the North America. He is the author of Power of Dad, which was inspired by many conversations Pruitt had with youth about their relationships with their fathers.