If Dracula's Castle truly exists, it is in our imaginations: a combination of history, myth, and the fiction of Irish writer Bram Stoker, whose 1897 novel Dracula became a classic. The preserved medieval Bran Castle is a natural treasure in Romania. It is linked to 15th-century Romanian ruler Vlad the Impaler, who was known for his iron-fisted rule.

Dr. Crina Prida is a dentist by profession and a photographer by passion. Although she is relatively new to photography, since 2008 her work has appeared in group and solo shows in her native Romania and in Hungary. Capturing the natural beauty of her homeland gives her great pleasure, and her stunning photos depicting feminine vulnerability are truly artistic. You can follow her blog at: http://crina-prida.blogspot.com/
If you're a fan of the fictional Dracula, you can download the novel for free here.