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Photos by Humberto Porra

When Parkapalooza organizers looked out over the beach during their planning meeting, they shook their heads. They annually agonized about the weather—the only uncontrollable variable. This year when the water had to be drawn down to repair the dam that makes Sanford Lake, weather wasn't their biggest concern, but they simply said, "The show must go on." 

And it did—featuring non-stop music by Jodi Sasse, Triple Play, Hipakritz, Bob Hausler, Mandi Layne, Johnny Guest.  And  featuring more beach than ever before.

The weather that had been rainy for days, cleared just for the event. Sunny and not too cool to play in the water, grill brats, down a few beers. The sound of hammers rang out at the Home Depot crafts tent, children pet the pelts of animals on display from the nature center, and the curious peaked into the engines and interiors of cars from Burt Watson Chevrolet.  

With more beach than ever before, children and adults scooped and patted sand sculptures. They danced on the beach to music by The Sinclairs, Steel Wheels, The Rock Show and Jedi Mind Trip. They tossed footballs, flew kites and blew bubbles. 

A constant stream of climbers conquered the climbing wall, until as the sun was setting everyone packed up and with the last strains of music in their ears, headed out. 

This year, the silent auction proceeds generated during the event will be donated to the following charities: The North Midland Family Center, West Midland Family Center, and The Rock.