by Lisa Purchase

In what is quickly becoming a fine summer tradition, the show opening at SVSU this week will be another fun frolic through the oldies jukebox. In tone and toe-tap-ability, Why Do Fools Fall in Love? follows in the footsteps of last summer's Life Could Be a Dream and 2008’s The Andrews Brothers. All were written by playwright Roger Bean, directed by Professor Ric Roberts, and made their regional debut on the SVSU stage.

Why Do Fools Fall in Love? will sweep its audience back to 1966, the year the National Organization of Women (NOW) was founded. Using 22 songs from the great girl groups of the Sixties, this fast and fluffy little musical offers a light-hearted glimpse into women's changing roles and expectations at that particular point in history. The show consists of only four archetypal characters at a bachelorette party: the Donna Reed traditionalist, the romantic bookworm, the dingbat, and the rebellious hippie feminist, as played by SVSU students Amanda Mueller, Portia Brown, Ellie Frazier, and Tami Snyder respectively. Together they create an amusing cross-section of feminine stereotypes that keep the laughter and the music flowing. This fast-paced, music-packed show—all 22 musical numbers occur in just 90 minutes, which includes the intermission—is backed by a 5-piece live music combo.

"The vocals feature lots of four-part harmony,” Roberts pointed out. "Our cast consists of two actors who can sing, and two singers who can act!"

This is a show for all age groups. It is a walk down memory lane for the older set who lived the era, and for younger folks who will certainly recognize much of the music. Bring the kids and teens; Why Do Fools Fall in Love is a fun and easy alternative to summer reruns.

The show runs Tuesday August 3 through Sunday August 8, showtimes at 7:30pm Tuesday through Saturday, with matinee performances at 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are $15, seniors and students are $10.

And in a special collaboration with local restaurant the Savoy Grill, there is a Dinner Theatre Package being offered tonight, Monday August 3: a four-course meal to go with the four-part harmonies. For $30.00 the Savoy is offering an appetizer, soup or salad, a choice of three entrees, dessert, and drinks, plus tickets to a private performance of Why Do Fools Fall in Love?. Dinner begins at 5:15pm at the Savoy, showtime is 7:30 at SVSU. Contact the Savoy for details on this special offer at (989) 754-9660.