The work of two Bay City composer-performers, Candle Nine and Geramie C., appears on the IDMF Netlabel album, Divergence, which debuted in May of 2009. The IDM Forum is a group of "like-minded artists and people fueled with a passion for electronic music, sound design and glitch" and is open to new members. 

Playing off the intertwining meanings of "divergence" as a "departure from the norm" and in mathematics as "a failure to approach a limit," this collection of pieces by 14 artists provides listeners with aural glimpses of what the term "industrial" might mean. Readers need not be put off by technical terms because much of the musical language will be familiar to anyone who watches television or listens to albums or a radio. As with any language, originality lies in how the composer uses it.

As has long been true, the technology available to artists has in some fashion inspired their works. Likewise, though Candle Nine began as an acoustic songwriter, since his first experiences with a sequencer in 2006, he has explored the possibilities technology offers to reshape and refine his own sound, and Geramie C. also uses a variety of synthetically created and manipulated sounds. They both sometimes support each other in live performances.

Like the other albums offered by IDMF, Divergence is available for free downloading at http://label.idmforums.com/ifi001-divergence.html.  More information is available about Candle Nine http://www.myspace.com/candlenine.