Above, Bobjohnson (left) poses with Tank at VIP Sports

by Bobjohnson

Durrell Babbs scored points and earned recognition as a star athlete throughout high school. His talent on both the field and court could have propelled him into a career as a college football player, had he only let it. He chose a different path, and stuck to using his other talent: music.

In 2001, after landing a spot as a background vocalist for R&B superstar Genuwine, Babbs released his debut album, Force of Nature, featuring the Top 10 R&B Single, "Maybe I Deserve." One Man and Sex, Love, & Pain followed in 2002 and 2007, respectively. This summer Babbs will release his fourth album, entitled Now or Never.

So how come you have never heard of Durrell Babbs? You have: he is three-time Grammy nominated R&B singer Tank, and he granted 360 Main Street an interview when his tour bus stopped at VIP Sports in Saginaw.

Bobjohnson: What kind of projects should we be on the look out for?

Tank: I got my project, that’s the most important right now, this Now or Never coming out this summer on our new label Song Dynasty. We got Pleasure P coming.

BJ: S-o-n-g Dynasty?

Tank: S-o-n-g Dynasty. It’s me and three of my brothers and we got an excellent, excellent female writer. So, we got a little thing going. We got nominated for three Grammys this last Grammy season; that was amazing. And the movie The Preacher's Kid just dropped. It came out in theaters but it’s on DVD now so, make sure everybody go cop that, that’s crazy. It’s like number three on iTunes right now. Number 33 top 200, so we're doing decently, we're doing pretty good.

BJ: Cool.

Tank: You know just trying to put together the whole package as far as entertainment's concerned, from the movie side, music side, now moving on into the clothing side and stuff like that, you know what I mean, to make a well rounded system.

BJ: You have a clothing label?

Tank: We’re working on it man. We have some really, really, fresh ideas. You know, clothing is kinda tricky. You got to pick your spots. Your timing must be right, you know what I mean? It gotta be the right thing. I mean, that’s with everything. But clothing is just so foreign to what we do, that we are just really trying to pace ourselves and make sure that we put our best foot forward. So that when we turn back and look at it, you know what I’m saying, we won’t have no regrets. So we got some stuff though.

BJ: Do you have any big tours planned?

Tank: Yeah, you know, we are still trying to figure out the TGT tour, me, Genuine, Tyrese.


Tank: TGT. Tank, Genuwine, Tyrese.

BJ: Okay, yeah that’s who’s missing tonight. Three R&B heavy hitters.

Tank: They're still trying to figure that out, but, you know, ultimately I will probably be back on tour this summer and Genuwine will probably be doing some dates for me, the whole nine. So it’s just R&B. Like Now or Never this summer—big, crackin’—be looking out for us, Song Dynasty. We're doing songs with everybody you can think of, Keyshia Cole, you know, whoever, and it’s gonna be great.

BJ: Well we can’t wait to have you back, thank you very much.

Tank: Yes sir, yes sir!

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