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We have artists, business people and innovators, and then we have Brandi "Wyldflow3r" Walker, a mixture of all three. Born to two Michigan area musicians, Walker is no stranger to art, music or business. She also knows how to turn her dreams into reality. Everything about her reflects the influence that music or art has on her life. For example, Wyldflow3r is a moniker inspired by her husband (Demetrius Walker), a song from funk band New Birth (formerly known as The Nite-Liters), and Prince (Lotus Flow3r). Also, her youngest son, Christopher Wallace, is named after the late great lyricist Notorious B.I.G.

As a housewife Walker found herself with extra time on her hands and decided to turn her love for music into a full-time occupation. "One freedom opens up a door to another," she says. She used her background in electronic media (she gained from Delta College and a brief internship at a local radio station) to start an internet radio show. The interactive show named At Midnight, which runs an hour to two hours and features funk music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, can be heard Sunday through Friday on Blog Talk Radio and Podomatic.

Three nights per week Walker's shows are themed. This means that she thinks carefully and works hard to produce something akin to a literary anthology. "I have to come up with a theme and research it, which sometimes takes all day just to produce one show." Walker continued, "I also have to cut and edit some of the music. Some of James Brown's songs are nineteen minutes long. That could take up a nice chunk of my show."

Discussing topics is theme of Monday's show: Open-Minded Monday. "The show's format is mostly discussion on a particular topic. Usually I am accompanied by a guest and do an interview. Most recently, I interviewed W. James Richardson, who is the author of the book The Ghost of Emmit Till, said Walker.

Tuesday's theme is Fat Tuesday."On this show I highlight one genre or location of popular soul and funk music artists or groups. I have done shows on The Minneapolis Sound, The Sound Of Philadelphia, Blue Eyed Soul and Protest Music," Walker said.

And while many people reserve Saturday for backyard grilling, Walker brings it to us one day earlier since Saturday is her off time. The Beer and Bar-B-Que Bash can be heard on Friday nights. Walker says, "This show is a virtual picnic. We have a pretend menu, swimming pool, card games, and dominoes. During this show there is also a trivia game on which I play a song and listeners participate by naming the artist and song."

In contrast to the themed shows, those airing on Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday simply feature music. On every episode two segments are constant: The "Dusty 45" (a song rarely heard on commercial radio) and "The Double Shot" (two songs in a row by one artist or group). "Callers are always welcome to interact, and there is an open chat room available as well," Walker added.

Although she says that "there is a lot that goes into producing one two-hour show," Walker uses all of her resources, a.k.a. family members, to put the shows together. Walker has four computers in her home, three designated just for the show. Her husband doubles as the engineer and listens for any on-air errors, while her fourteen-year-old daughter Justice serves as tech support and does the intro for Open-Minded Monday. Walker's nine-year-old son Gabriel does the Fat Tuesday intro and is also the comedian, while junior Biggie Smalls, a.k.a. her seven-year-old son Christopher Wallace, does the Beer and the Bar-B-Que Bash intro on Friday.

Listeners are responding. "I currently have over 3,100 listeners and that number is growing every day," Walker said, adding, "I am in the process of putting a press kit together and plan to shop my shows to major radio syndicators, such as Radio One." Listeners can hear Walker's show, At Midnight, live six days per week starting at midnight.

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