Pictured: The Bearinger Boys wearing shirts by LTBH.
Photo  © James Mullineaux

Article by Gina Myers

Fashion has always been about attitude, and a new clothing company in Saginaw is taking it to the next level. "For the most part everybody at one point or more in his or her life has been hated on for something they couldn't help," explains Allen Schultz, owner and founder of Love To Be Hated Clothing. "Rather than be down about it, embrace it." And embracing it, people are. In recent months, t-shirts and hoodies with LTBH in bold letters across the chest have begun cropping up across the tri-city area—a trend that is sure to grow as word of the company spreads.

Taking pride in what others may hate, "whether it be race, height, weight, talent, or anything really," is an idea that appeals to a wide audience, which makes Schultz reluctant to place a label on the brand. "If I had to put my brand into a category, I'd say it's probably more along the lines of street wear. But really I'm not trying to limit myself to any market. I really like the thought of anybody and everybody being comfortable wearing LTBH."

Schultz, who is only 24 years old, has been wanting to start a clothing brand for about six or seven years. And while he has not studied fashion formally, he's always been interested in it, and he keeps up on things through reading blogs and studying other brands. "The whole 'brand' world really interests me—the idea that one person can create a very successful brand out of their house is amazing." And that is exactly what Schultz hopes to do. Though he just launched the brand in late 2009, it has taken off locally, and his long-term goal is to see it take off nationally. "I'd love to see our products regularly stocked in boutiques nationwide. But as far as success goes, I feel that the brand is already successful."

Love To Be Hated currently offers t-shirts and hoodies, and they will soon be adding long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and zip-ups. The t-shirts run $20, and the screen-printed hoodies are $45. Custom hoodies, where the customer selects the fabric for the logo and can choose whether or not to line the hood, are also available and range in price from $70 to $100. For more information on LTBH, visit them on Facebook.

© Gina Myers, 2010