Notice of an evening tour caught my attention. I had always wanted to see the Arlington's fabled rooms upstairs, ever since I'd discovered the bar years ago with friends. The place exudes history. It is the last old hotel in Bay City built before 1900 and still standing. Years ago the Arlington Hotel was a fine dining destination as well as a rest stop for well-heeled visitors to West Bay City. Today, the saloon is still a cozy favorite in town. You walk in the door, and if you look closely you will feel time running backwards to the city's glory days of lumber barons, local breweries, and pompous aristocracy. Transom windows above every room's entrance. Bathroom down the end of a long straight hall. Wood floors covered in linoleum older than Elvis. I peered into dark corners and rooms in various states of renovation. After taking in how much of the old building is still intact, despite the roughness of age, I found that there is still a rare gem here, with the potential of returning to polished glory someday. 

© Andrew Rogers, 2010