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Mixed martial artist Dave Knaggs is the founder of Fighters Supporting Fighters (FSF), a non-profit organization that helps other mixed martial arts students pay for tuition and equipment. FSF is currently located inside New Body Health and Fitness in Bay City on the corner of Midland and Henry streets.

Because Knaggs believes that mixed martial arts can benefit participants in important ways, he wants to make that opportunity widely available. "I was a product of a single family home, and when I got into martial arts at the age of 19 in Monroe, it changed my life. The discipline is something I never had growing up," said Knaggs. Yet now he has fourteen years of experience in martial arts, is a black belt in choi kwang do and has trained with big names, one of them Royce Gracie.

At New Body Health and Fitness the group uses the full gym with a ring, weights, mats, cage and showers. Knaggs continued,  "We have sixty students and a group of fifteen fighters. We train in boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and ju-jitsu."

As for the future, Knaggs says, "I plan to take FSF as far as I can, worldwide if possible." Already he is off to a great start, with chapters active in Bay City, Monroe, Midland, Chesaning and Au Gres. He plans for one to open in Saginaw soon. For more information, contact Dave Knaggs at 989.213.7795 or e-mail: daveknaggs[at]

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