Article and photo by Julie Lake

Many people begin the new year making a resolution to get into shape and to live a healthier life.  This usually involves getting a gym membership or hiring a personal trainer.  Both of these can be expensive.  So what other alternative is there?  If you own an iPhone, or another type of smart phone that supports the use of applications, you may be able to have your own personal trainer right in your hand whenever you need it.

One of the better workout applications available is "Women’s Health Workouts." Put together by top fitness experts at Women's Health Magazine, many of the exercise routines featured in the magazine have been compiled into this application.  Containing 16 pre-loaded workouts and 130 individual exercises, this app is anything but lightweight. Each move is detailed with step-by-step instructions, high quality photos, a training log for recording your repetitions and sets, rest timer to monitor cool down times between exercises, and even expert support if you have a question about a workout.  This application contains workouts to strengthen your core, tone your total body, improve posture and agility, and to burn fat along as well as individual exercises for specific body parts.  The best feature of "Women's Health Workouts" is that the application does all the planning for you.  No more thinking about how to combine exercises to create a routine.  Just start the application, choose the body part to work on, start the exercise, and begin the workout.

Whether you are at an advanced level, or just beginning a new fitness goal, this application is great for helping you to jump start your workout or to be more creative in your current routine.  One word of warning:  when these exercises are performed properly, the effect will be just like having a personal trainer right there with you, and you will have the sore muscles to prove it.

So, if you are wondering how to afford a personal trainer, look no further than the $1.99 application that can be purchased for your smart phone through iTunes, "Women’s Health Workouts."  This is a must-have for every exercise enthusiast.

© Julie Lake, 2010