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By Jeanne Lesinski

FreeMusic Festival on June 11 in Freeland gave people the chance to enjoy themselves in many ways, with music, of course, but arts and crafts vendors, food, friendly family fun, disc golf, do-it-yourself tie dye, and the spectacle of performance art, exotic dance, impromptu dance and twirling hula hoops.

Ben Cohen of Phoenix Productions, event organizer, proudly announced that the festival raised $2,500 for the Just For Kids Foundation, this year's charitable organization recipient. 

Visitors to the 360 Main Street booth were challenged to create their own nylon flyers and sail them off into the air. The artists pictured above took different approaches: some drew a test design on paper and traced it onto the flyer with permanent makers. Others bravely went at it spontaneously. Some wrote love notes to a special someone, while others felt inspired to render a favorite design. 

Although a few adults said, "Oh, I'm not creative," the children were willing to try, regardless of the risk. Many people may think they are not creative, but if they were to look at the tasks they routinely do, they might realize that every time they solve a new problem or solve it in a new way, they are using creativity. Along with the flyer, "Let your imagination soar"!