Photo by Alan Levine 

On February 12, 2012, in a significant reorganization, the Board of Directors of Creative 360 responsible for discovering severe financial inconsistencies last September, welcomed a brand new board. As the new board members were announced, they gave an overview of their personal connections with Creative 360 and spoke with passion about their dedication to making Creative 360 a self-sustaining organization. They expressed deep gratitude to the former board for its diligence in managing the organization's debt issues and immediate obligations. All agreed that Creative 360 provides programs, events and classes that are distinctive from other arts organizations.

Since last September, Creative 360 has received generous financial support from past board members and the community which has been vital to getting it back on its feet and organized for future success.

Co-founder Linda Smith participated in the transition. Speaking to both boards, she centered everyone's thinking around the mission of the organization as it was created, recounted the history and challenges that are common to many non-profits, and concluded with her commitment to continue to actively engage in assisting the new board as a non-voting member as needed.

The new board members are Ann Butzler, David Dauer, Holly Harris, Ray Lacina, Larry Levy, Janet Love, Betty Meyette, Julie Prince, Paul Roberts, Karen Robertson, Shona Siddiqui, and Carol Speltz.  

Breath of Life

The new board immediately convened and selected officers and planned a celebration and fundraising event: The public is invited to meet these new board members and participate in a community celebration of the center's renewal at the Breath of Life open house on Thursday, January 26, 2012, from 7-8:30 p.m. This event, free to the public, will feature live music of the Michael Scott Band, Empty Canvas and Bryan Rombalski, and include finger foods and wine. Art and wellness services and classes will be sold to fund the continuing operation and future development of Creative 360. There will be opportunities to creatively interact with the work and mission of Creative 360.

Artists who would like to contribute to this effort, should deliver artwork to Creative 360 through Tuesday, January 24th. For artwork can be displayed and priced, it needs to be received as soon as possible. Please notify Elizabeth Walsh of your intent to donate art. or 989.837.1885. Submissions: Please have 2D, 3D, and photography ready to hang/display. Please have each donation accompanied by a label with the title and artist's name on the back of the piece. You may suggest a price if you wish. Artwork should be appropriate for public exhibition for an audience of all ages. Creative 360 will retain 100% of all sales of the donated artwork.