Review by Lois Jackman

A half hour after I finished listening to Jeff Yantz’s Dance in the Rain, it was still there. Still lurking in the back of my brain. That catchy little line “If I could just get you to smile." I didn’t want it to be there because I’m not such a smiley person,  yet there it was encouraging me to smile more. There is something to be said for catchy tunes like these that stay with you and become part of your internal daily dialogue. In this case, there are several catchy tunes amongst the five tracks on Dance in the Rain.

Clearly not a full "volume" of tracks, the five were enough for an introduction to the sound. With a retro feel and a hint at the Modern Lovers, the musicianship is sound, even if the recording quality itself is just slightly tinny. I have the feeling it would be a much richer quality with a bit more bass and a different sound engineer. But overall, it's a very good effort. The first tune was a light bouncy introduction to my day, and encouraging in its positivity. The middle three tunes were, I’ll have to admit, not my favorites. They seemed a little cliché, and at times repetitive, but not bad tunes either.

I’m looking forward to a full-length CD,  for an opportunity to see what Yantz can do. ….and a few more catchy tunes that stick in your head.

For more information, visit  Jeff Yantz Music.

© Lois Jackman, 2012