Review by Lois Jackman

Almost Free Music (Volume Three) is almost perfect! A wonderful collection of local talent, this CD highlights the best of a multitude of styles. From the folky sounds of Amelia Jo to the edgy funkadelic of Frokus and everything in between, it’s a fine showcase!

High on the talent scale are Dan Vaillancourt, The Chromatic Effect and Dave Kellan. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the sounds of these three in particular. Vaillancourt is just so talented and creative and I love his voice! Some of the background vocals are a bit off in "Fall Woods," and I think it holds him back from a near perfect sound. Close to tonal perfection is also The Chromatic Effect whose interesting lines and sensitivity keep the listener interested. I was quite impressed with the courageous unison passage in "Half Baked" that was pulled off beautifully. And Dave Kellan’s popsy, catchy sound and solid arrangements remind me a little of early Barenaked Ladies. Clearly talented and musically top-notch, Kellan’s music is very listenable.

There are other artists of note in this collection, like Amelia Jo (or is that Joan, as in Baez?) with her ballad-like, retro, approachable folk sound. I was just a little worried at times, however, that she would lose the pitch, but then pulled it together. And then there’s Frokus with their edgy, tight funk that oozes cool. And finally, a shout out to Jeff Yantz for his outstanding harmonica playing!

Overall, a credit to the Free Music Festival, this CD clearly demonstrates the high level of talent the area has to offer. It’s definitively going in the play list in my car!

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© Lois Jackman, 2012