Left to right: Braxton McCarthy, Austin Woods, Spencer Koppi
By Rayce Ribble

The Crooked Trees is a three-piece group of young and up-and-coming multi-instrumentalists from Bay City, Michigan:  Austin Woods, Braxton McCarthy, and Spencer Koppi. All young and talented musicians, they put out an intelligent mix of pop, Americana, and folk that has gained them enough attention to be playing Hell's Half Mile, a local independent film festival  located in downtown Bay City. The group of students has a slew of original music that is slated for release later this October.

The Crooked Trees began in their freshman year of high school with Braxton McCarthy and Spencer Koppi, who started jamming together after they found out they both liked Bob Dylan. As time passed, they started looking for a vocalist, as both musicians wanted a strong lead vocalist to round out the group. Interestingly enough, they saw Austin Woods sing and play at their school's talent show and decided to ask him to join the band. The three then formed The Crooked Trees, and immediately compiled covers and writing originals to play. All of the band members have different influences, ranging anywhere from folk, rock, jazz, blues, and beyond. The band states Bob Dylan and Bon Iver as their two main influences, but have reached out musically to expand on their own personal sound. Their songs are a testament to their folk and rock heroes, with a sprinkle of modern pop sensibilities.

As the Hell's Half Mile show comes up and their own CD is nearer to completion and release, the band is excited for what the future holds for them and their music, which they talk about in an exclusive  interview.  If you would like more information about The Crooked Trees,  check out their Facebook page for music samples, show updates, and more. 

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