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Barbara Keith is a Minnesota-based mosaic and terrazzo artist whose work has appeared in group and solo shows. She is particularly interested in public art opportunities, and her work graces more than 20 buildings, mostly in Minnesota, but also in California, Iowa, and Texas.

Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play. —Heraclitus

The photos above depict "It Is a Happy Talent to Know How to Play," a mosaic/stained glass piece that enlivens the meeting room of the St. Cloud Great River Regional Library, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, where programs for children and adults take place. The work incorporates actual toys, and the sayings about childhood that appear here and there will likely ring true to viewers. 

Play is the highest form of research. —Albert Einstein

Because Keith began her career as an elementary school teacher, it's no surprise that she should have also illustrated two children's books with her distinctive work:  The Girls and Boys of Mother Goose, a collection of traditional nursery rhymes, and Mosaic Zoo: An ABC Book, an animal alphabet book. 

Almost all creativity involves purposeful play. —Abraham Maslow

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